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Fees Information 

Registration fee: 50,000 FCFA

Tuition fee: 500,000 FCFA 

payable in 4 Installments

Objectives of this course

This course enables student develop a deep understanding of the nature and procedures of management in welfare aid human resource management. this course provides room and human resource management and analysis critical situations on managerial work

Theoretical approaches to Human Resources Management | Download Scientific Diagram

Graduates can acquire employment in place of management training, other graduates training programmes,  in personnel department of both domestic and international companies.

In addition; graduates can also become management consultants, international managers and so on.

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Expected Skill

After studying this program you should be expected to :

  • Administer individual salary files;
  • Effect declarations dictated by law;
  • Identify the needs for training of the personnel;
  • Define the needs for training;
  • Inform the personnel on the labour code and the peculiarities of the
  • Control the pay vouchers of the personnel;
  • Establish pay slips;
  • Carry out the administrative follow-up of human resources operations;
  • Carry out interview in view of employment;
  • Follow up outsources service contracts;

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