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Fees Information 

Registration fee: 50,000 FCFA

Tuition fee: 300,000 FCFA 

payable in 4 Installments


An Assistant Manager is responsible for implementing workflow procedures based on direction from the company’s General Manager. 

assistant manager

Their duties may include supervising employees during day-to-day tasks, providing customer support in escalated situations and managing the overall workflow of a workplace

Objective of Training

 Assistant Manager replaces the HND in “Secretarial studies” program, to train the collaborators of
General, manager, Directors of units or heads of service. They assist, facilitate and follow up the work of their superior responsible in order to make it more
effective. The Assistant Manager mainly plays the role of interface and mediation
between the company and its environment. He is in charge of  administration,
communication, organization of work, and aid in decision-making and  organize an event.

Assistant manage on the Field for follow-up

Expeted Competences

By the end of this training, the Assistant Manager Graduate, should be about to:

Job Opportunities / Careers

The  assistant manager ensures operational excellence by performing managerial tasks such as scheduling,maintaining inventory and/or evaluating employee perfomance.  

Most Administrative assistant   duties revolve around manging and distributing information within an office . This generally includes answering of phones,taking memo and maintaining files.

A sales assisant works on the sales floor providing assistance directly to customer such as greeting customers who enter the store , managing the cash register and helping customers to find products in thier store

Course Structure

Communication Tools I
Professional techniques I
Professional Relations I
Organization and Management I


Communication Tools II
Methodology and Professional Techniques II
Professional Relations II
Organization and Management II


Professional techniques III
Professional Relations III
Organization and Management III
Management of Human Resources and of events I and II


Professional techniques IV
Professional Relations IV
Organization and Management IV
Professional internship
Seminars / Worshops

School Resumption

BTS – HND: Monday 13th, Sept 2021

Lipro – Bachelors – Masters

Monday 27th, Sept 2021.

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