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Description of Program

A Cameroon’s HND in E-Commerce and Digital Marketing places the holder at the forefront in transforming the business model of most businesses in Cameroon to have an Internet Outlet. Studies reveals that many offline businesses are seeking for an Internet presence to promote their brands. This shows the demand for E-commerce marketers and Brand Promoters will Rise and continue rise in the next coming years. 

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E-commerce experts ensure that the content of an e-business website is up-to-date, attractive, easy to navigate. They use different methods to pull traffic to a website.

These professionals provide all essential IT support for managing and developing online stores and implementing new online strategies to promotes sales. 

E-Commerce jobs may have the following job descriptions and titles.

5 top Employment/Career Opportunities

He ensures the an E-business website delivers the best customer experience. 

He oversees the whole online activities of the brand including web development and design, sales and marketing.

E-commerce manager is responsible for online staff management, cooperation with shipping agencies, suppliers and other business associates.

 If Communication is your key skill, then Internet Sales Associate is your perfect job. Your main responsibility is to assist customers in finding the need, making purchasing purchasing decisions and delivery order. 

The more successful customers you assist, the more money you get as an internet salesperson.

Online Merchants are responsible for lots of tasks like store’s inventory management, customer inquiries responder, promoting the branded products. 

They ensure products are always available in stocks.

If you are good at numbers then, E-Commerce Business Analyst job is perfect for you. Your data insights help retail businesses understand what is working what needs to change.

Their focus is to give advices that will improve sales and profit margin

If you are Excellent in Marketing, you can become an E-commerce project manager

These employees oversees the business development, digital marketing strategies and implement online projects. 

They research the current market environment, create strategies for brand by analyzing marketing and sales strategies of their competitors and e-commerce leaders. 

They also hire and train staff as well as consult the management team about the strategies they need to follow.

Course structure and modules

  • Database and SQL language
  • System analysis and design
  • Introduction to Web Programming
  • Small business management
  • Object oriented programming
  • Digital Economy
  • Legal regulations
  • Strategic management
  • E – Commerce technology I
  • E – Commerce
  • Digital Marketing I
  • ERP Technologies
  • E – Commerce technology II
  • Technological infrastructure for ecommerce
  • Digital Marketing II
  • Professional Internship


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