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Fees Information 

Registration fee: 50,000 FCFA

Tuition fee: 300,000 FCFA 

payable in 4 Installments

General Overview

Transport and logistics managers play a key role in fulfilling manufacturers’ promises to their customers and in meeting those customers’ expectations. They are responsible for managing the execution, direction, and coordination of all transportation matters within the organisation. This includes managing budgets, organising schedules & routes, ensuring that vehicles are safe and meet legal requirements, and making sure that drivers are aware of their duties. 

logistics and logistics
logistics and logistics

Objectives of this course

The objective of this specialty is to train experts in the organization and management of logistics and transport in the local, regional and international markets, taking into account the complementary modes of transport and sustainable development. They will in this exercise have to master foreign languages, communication and negotiation techniques, management techniques, and optimizing flow of goods, management of warehouses, and the exploitation of urban transport network.

Expected Skill

After studying this program you should be expected to :

  • Manage change and promote solutions necessary for the adhesion of partners;
  • Have knowledge of marketing so as to identify the expectations of customers and strike a compromise between efficiency and quality in a context of competition;
  • Conceive adaptable structures, permanently interacting with the multiple environmental components ;
  • Know a wide range of techniques linked to the use of the logistics chain (storage, handling, workflow, transport, etc);
  • Facilitate and coordinate exchange between the internal
    stakeholders of the enterprise;

transport and logistics Jobs

As a transportation coordinator, you may be directly involved in problem solving when customer issues arise. Your job involves heavy interaction with multiple parties as you negotiate domestic or international transportation. Duties may include coordinating shipments and schedules, verifying carrier rates, tracking shipments and maintaining professional relationships. read more

Africa – Page 16 – Cameroon Intelligence Report

Transportation and logistics account managers and customer-service managers are also involved in solving client problems by acting as liaisons. In this profession, you benefit from your knowledge of marketing and sales combined with an understanding of supply-chain management principles. Duties may involve arranging, tracking and following up on client shipments. Your job may also involve developing new prospects.

As a shipping clerk, you would be responsible for preparing shipments for companies in nearly any type of industry. Not only would you package shipments, prepare labels and create bills of lading and invoices, but you could also contact various transport companies for shipping quotes, decide on shipment methods and oversee shipping schedules. Other job duties could include inventory management, shipment tracking and ordering shipping supplies

If you wish to focus more on the statistical aspect of the field, a logistics analyst position may be a good fit. Logistics analysts apply their calculation and analysis skills to transportation logistics problems. In this job role, you determine problem priority, improve procedures and assess solutions to provide more satisfactory, cost-effective service.

transport and logistics management courses

Introduction to Logistics Management / ICT
for Logistics
Ancillary Professions
Shipping and International Trade/ Maritime
Transport Law/ Carriage Law

International Transport Management/
Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods
Warehouse Management/ Procurement
and Inventory Management
Total Quality Management/ Maritime
Administration I and II
Marine Insurance /Fundamentals of
Cargo Insurance


Land and Inland Waterway Transport/ Air
Carriage of goods by sea / Port
Management operation
Environmental Management
Ship Finance/ Ship Chartering

Introduction to Custom Operations
and Procedures/ Maritime Law
Multi-modal Transport
Introduction to Oil and Gas/ Safety and
Security in Shipping
Internship/Thesis Defense
Seminars / Professional Workshops


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