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What immediately impressed me at the Institut Supérieur Azimut is the human and social dimension of teachers towards students, classes with reduced numbers facilitating a personalized follow-up of learners.
Hervé Mukam
Fees Information 

Registration fee: 50,000 FCFA

Tuition fee: 300,000 FCFA 

payable in 4 Installments

HND in International Trade will expose you to depths of knowledge on the exchange of capital goods and services across international borders or territories where there are needs or wants of goods or services.

International trade

Considering HND to be a foundation, further studies in  International Business and Trade Program may lead to the following jobs careers:

Employment/Career Opportunities

A cultural adviser — sometimes called a cultural consultant, cross-cultural trainer is someone trained to provide region-specific linguistic and socio-cultural information and advice to individuals, businesses and non-governmental organizations.

At a time when even small and medium sized businesses are going global a lack of cultural, social and political understanding, combined with economic disparity between nations, can be a major threat to establishing successful business relationships across national boarders.

bts en commerce international
conseilleur culturel

A respectful understanding and appreciation for the cultural uniqueness of business associates and clients creates business professionals who flexible, sensitive and skillful at conducting business within different cultural and social paradigms.

Cultural Advisers contribute a lot in commercial localization campaigns, informational campaigns, peacekeeping operations, institution-building, gathering intelligence, law enforcement investigations and military operations.

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A General Manager, sometimes simply called a GM, has broad, overall responsibility for a business or a business unit within a large organization. The General Manager typically serves as the top executive for the business unit and he is responsible for the business strategy, structure, budgets, people, and financial outcomes.

In International Trade, a General Business Manager is also Called an International Business manager who manages the oranization’s daily operations and business relationships on the global platform. He works on developing marketing strategies to secure business growth and expansion in different countries.

The Global Distribution Manager is sometimes called the Internation Distribution Manager or Global Supply Chain Manager. His role is to coordinate the distribution of goods Internationally to different business partners.

As an Import Compliance Specialist, you are an expert in International Trade Regulations and customs compliance. You assist companies with trade activities to import and export shipments. 

Your responsibilities include trainin companies on how to manage regulations and apply them to their specific business applications, conducting audits, writing reports with your findings, and keeping records organized. 

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An International Economist study International Trade and the Impact of globalization. They also examine the global financial markets and exchange rates. They also research employment levels and how wages are set.

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An International Sales Representative acquire and maintain global accounts for a company. They make international sales by attracting and communicating with international prospects, develop any understanding of any cultural differences in the market and often travels overseas to make sales.

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International Marketing Manager oversees International marketing research to help a brand penetrate by exploring business opportunities in new markets.

The International Marketing manager develops strategies to promote sales in the International markets.

An International Trade manager is responsible to oversee the implementation of internal policies to ensure wide compliance with domestic and international shipping requirements, custom regulations and trade laws. They work in Exports and Imports companies. 

Course Structure and Modules
Marketing Environment I
Techniques of International Trade
Tools for management of
international trade I
The operations of the International
Trade I


Marketing Environment II
Tools for management of International Trade II
Legal Aspect and commercial offer
The operations of the International Trade II and methodology


Transport Risk
Practice of International Trade I and II
Prior to the Export
Professional Activities I


Professional Activity II and language
Sales abroad
Documents of the International Trade
Professional internship
Seminars and Workshops


School Resumption

BTS – HND: Monday 13th, Sept 2021

Lipro – Bachelors – Masters

Monday 27th, Sept 2021.

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