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Fees Information 

Registration: 50,000 FCFA

School fees: 750,000 FCFA 

payable in 4 installments

Objectives of this course

The objective of this specialty is to train experts in the organization and management of logistics and transport in the local, regional and international markets, taking into account the complementary modes of transport and sustainable development. They will in this exercise have to master foreign languages,communication and negotiation techniques, management techniques, and optimizing flow of goods, management of warehouses, and the exploitation of urban transport network.


Concentration Areas

Port and Shipping Management is designed to provide the students with adequate skills and knowledge in functional areas of the port and shipping sectors. It also gives a holistic view of the sector integrating various areas viz. port management, maritime law and maritime economics which helps them to gain a thorough understanding of the maritime business and taking up employment in the same.Different modes of transport

International Transportation and Logistics Management is a program designed to provide an exposure to ‘Management of the domestic and international modes of Transportation’ in today’s rapidly changing economic scenario

Expected Learning Outcome

The MBA Programme is designed to transform students to become competent managers of businesses and imparting a high level of business, technical and leadership skills to enable them to perform as leaders at the top of their respective
The MBA programme endeavor to create lasting changes as outcomes in the life and work of its students who will follow the programme and whose graduate qualities
would be represented by the following outcomes.

Student should know better i.e., gain knowledge

Student should be able to do better i.e., improve skills and competencies

Student should become a better person i.e., a better manager and leader

In addition to the above objectives, students will also improve their skills to be able to: 

  •  Ensure the piloting of a logistics chain;
  • Know a wide range of techniques linked to the use of the logistics
    chain (storage, handling, workflow, transport, etc);
  • Facilitate and coordinate exchange between the internal
    stakeholders of the enterprise;
  • Contribute to the rapid resolution of problems between suppliers and customers;
  • Manage change and promote solutions necessary for the adhesion of partners;
  • Have knowledge of marketing so as to identify the expectations of customers and strike a compromise between efficiency and quality in a context of competition;
  • Conceive adaptable structures, permanently interacting with the
    multiple environmental components ;
  • Practice methods which are flexible and rational, to materialize
    theaction and permit the regulation of flows through the
    development of a logistics system and good information networks;

Jobs opportunities

– Manager of transport units;
– Inventory Manager;
– Warehouse Manager;
– Stock Control and Store Keeper;
– Purchasing Manager ;
– LogisticsEngineer;
– Supply Chain Manager;
– International Logistics Manager;
– Analyst;
– Logistics Consultant;
– Transport and logistics service provider;
– Authorized customs agent;
– Controller of SGS;
– Import and Export Agent
– Intermediate staff members of the Maritime Administration
– Port Officials/Administrators
– Shipping Line Personnel
– Shipping Agency Personnel
– Maritime Controllers
– Ship Brokers
– Customs Brokers
– Consolidators
– Maritime/Shipping Teachers
– Marine Insurance Officials/Personnel
– Customs Officials
– Logistics Officers
– Transport Officers
– Supply chain Officers
– Commercial Managers
– Freight Managers
– Delivery Officers
– Terminal Operators

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