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What immediately impressed me at the Institut Supérieur Azimut is the human and social dimension of teachers towards students, classes with reduced numbers facilitating a personalized follow-up of learners.
Hervé Mukam

Objectives of this course

MBA in Banking and Finance is a 2 years post graduated degree course that focuses on financial management, corporate finance and aspect of international finance. The important courses include marketing management, mutual fund management corporate communication. Jobs related to this field are as follows.

  • Private Banker
  • Government Banker
  • Educational institute
The One Job in Banking the Robots Can't Take | Banking & Finance
Expected Skill

After studying this program you should be expected to :

  • Administer individual salary files;
  • Effect declarations dictated by law;
  • Identify the needs for training of the personnel;
  • Define the needs for training;
  • Inform the personnel on the labour code and the peculiarities of the
  • Control the pay vouchers of the personnel;
  • Establish pay slips;
  • Carry out the administrative follow-up of human resources operations;
  • Carry out interview in view of employment;
  • Follow up outsources service contracts;

Jobs opportunities

– Commercial banks;
– Credit establishments;
– Stock Exchange;
– Insurance companies;
– Central Bank;
– Bank commission;
– Ministries in charge of finance and economic and financial matters;
– Microfinance establishments;
– Savings banks and the service responsible for finance of the post

Azimut Sup

Azimut Sup est reconnu pour ses infrastructures modernes et une pedagogie interactive mettant l’etudiant au centre de sa formation.

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