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Registration fee: 50,000 FCFA

Tuition fee: 750,000 FCFA 

payable in 4 Installments

Overview of MBA in MM

An MBA in Marketing Management equips those interested in the marketing field with the skills necessary to handle complex marketing campaigns.

What Is Marketing Management?

Those who want to pursue a career in marketing often wonder, “What is an MBA in Marketing Management?” This advanced degree prepares students to understand the various factors that affect markets and provides them with the knowledge needed to formulate business strategies that will meet marketing and sales needs. Students enrolled in this program can expect to take a variety of different classes which may include market research, consumer behavior, new business ventures, customer relations, and marketing communications.

Many students interested in an MBA in Marketing Management already know what the basics of an effective marketing campaign include. However, an advanced degree in marketing provides students with an added edge in their field that may allow them to advance in their careers quickly and sustain success on whatever projects they work on.


MBA in Marketing Management is designed for professionals who have a passion for marketing and want to dive deep into this field to acquire broader knowledge and understanding about market research, decision-making and advanced marketing techniques needed to excel in a global marketing field

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